Schlachthof Bremen

Nächste Sendung:
Montag, 06. Dezember 2021 von 16:00 - 17:00 Uhr und von 22:00 Uhr - 23:00 Uhr
Jeden 1. und 3. Montag auf UKW 92.5 (im Großraum Bremen, Bremerhaven, Nordenham, Verden und Oldenburg), UKW 101.85 im Kabelnetz Bremen, über DAB+ und weltweit als Internet - Stream

Die Bandnamen sind verlinkt. Einfach die Bandnamen anklicken und Ihr landet auf der Homepage der jeweiligen Band und könnt Euch dort kostenlos und legal tonnenweise mp3, Videos, Texte, Wallpapers und viele andere Sachen downloaden. Viel Spaß!!



















Playlist für Montag den 17. Dezember 2007

Muse - Sunburn
Jane's Addiction - The price I pay
Muse - Muscle museum
Stephan Smith feat. Pete Seeger, Dean Ween and Mary Harris - The bell
Stephan Smith - In the air
Muse - Hysteria
Ween - Silent night
Trashmonkeys - Take it or leave it
Muse - The small print
Brant Björk - The messengers
The Great Crusades - Hand Grenade Head
Muse - New born

Playlist für Montag den 03. Dezember 2007

Les Chaméléons - Welcome
Guitarshop Asshole - Rock'n'Roll asshole
Hellbent On Rocking - Rock solid
Not Available - Cerveza
Los Fastidios - Un calcio ad un pallone
Pascow - Lauf Forrest Lauf
Random Hero - Bonechillers and stonecrashers
Freezeebee - The rest
Apron - World at war
Crekko - Gasoline
The Strivers - Female contact
Pencilcase - Your mouth
Les Caméléons - La berlue
Drugstop - Free of sin
Peter Pan Speedrock - Evil sweet thing

Playlist für Montag den 19. November 2007

Ween - Fiesta
Ween - Blue ballon
Ween - Learnin' to love
Ween - My own bare hands
Ween - The fruit man
Ween - Shamemaker
Ween - Woman and man
Ween - Your party
Ween - Cover it with gas and set it on fire
Ween - Don't get to close (2 my fantasy)
Ween - Voodoo Lady
Ween - Don't shit where you eat

Playlist für Montag den 05. November 2007

Atreyu - Doomsday
Minipli - Fuego!
Nom De Guerre - Slack vs. Lame
The Special Guests feat. Willie Ocean - Drop in the ocean
Dobranotch - Jumas
Still Remains - Dancing with the enemy
Spiteful - Incomplete (Backstreet Boys Cover)
Che Sudaka - Que natural
Neil Hickethier - Ich schmeiss sie alle raus
Cycle Sluts From Hell - I wish you where a beer
Truckfighters - Desert cruiser
Graveyard - Satan's finest

Playlist für Montag den 15. Oktober 2007

Passarounders - Duck Reality
Passarounders - Dancing Queen
Passarounders - Texas Scumfiest Massacre
Passarounders - Canonball C.O.C.K
Passarounders - Batman
Passarounders - Revolution
Passarounders - Revenge Of The Zulu's
Passarounders - Don Dons Bodega
Passarounders - I Did It With The Devil
Passarounders - Ulfer 8399-2
Passarounders - Chibba 420
Passarounders - The Butt Of Bremen
Passarounders - The House Of Burlesque
Passarounders - Hidden Track *g*
Needle And The Pain Reaction - Unicorn
Machine Head - Halo (live)

Playlist für Montag den 01. Oktober 2007

Mark Gillespie - Crazy (Seal Cover)
Foo Fightes - Best of you (live)
Foo Fighters - The pretender
Meadow Saffron - History of dreams
Mullholland Drive - The new heights of levitation
Mojo Jazz Mob - Post ideological Sehnsucht
Medley Jukebox - You put the cancer in our mouth
Big John Bates - 44 love bites
Big John Bates - Burle Sque is dead
Tori Amos - Big wheel
Tori Amos - Teenage hustling
Passarounders - The house of Burlesque

Playlist für Montag den 17. September 2007

Citizen Fish - Can't complain
White Stripes - Seven Nation Army
The Kills - Fried my little brains
Atomic Bitchwax - Hope you die
Turbonegro - Hell toupee
Turbonoegro - Everybody loves a chubby dude
Mark Gillespie - Supersonic
Mark Gillespie - Mommy
Son De Nadie - Quiero Caminar
Mudhoney - Revolution
Merauder - Life is pain
Black Sabbath - The writ

Playlist für Montag den 03. September 2007

Nonstop Stereo - Prosit
Danbert Nobacon And The Pine Valley Cosmonauts - Rock'n'Roll holy wars
The Kleins - Fist of god
Cloudberry - Not my Idea
Planet Faith - So weit
Jackson Analogue - Stop
The Dynamics - 7 Nation Army (White Stripes Cover)
Boris Gott - Engel
Boris Gott - RTL & Rohypnol
Absolute - Sebastian (Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel Cover)
Gluecifer - Take it
Lamb Of God - 11th hour
Beatallica - Hey Dude

Playlist für Montag den 20. August 2007

Atreyu - Becomming the bull
Killswitch Engaged - Holy Diver (Dio Cover)
Trashmonkeys - Gone Daddy Gone (Violent Femmes Cover)
Mermaid Union - Prince of the rodeo (Turbonegro Cover)
Erdmöbel - Aus meinem Kopf (Kylie Minogue Cover)
Muff Potter - Jumping someone else's train
Muff Potter - Punkt 9
Zuhause - So viel näher
Stun - Into the new
Pale - Goodbye trouble
Wild Black Jets & Alvin Stardust- Boppin' on saturday
Urban Noise Discount - (I don't wanna) get my things done
Sista Gracy - Lonesome girl
El Vez - Cesar Chavez
Ween - Light me up

Playlist für Montag den 06. August 2007

Morgan Finlay - Sound of Industry
Jenson - Allein
Citizen Fever - Tinderbox
Korn - Coming undone
Divine Heresy - Bleed the fifth
Pantera - Cowboys from hell
Overkill - Rotten to the core
Jane's Addiction - Been caught stealing
Bela B. - Gitarre runter
Genepool - About to say Hello
Scatterbrain - Don't call me dude
Cheeseslider - Hallelujah Baby

Playlist für Montag den 16. Juli 2007

Abuela Coca - Mambru
Los Calzones - Satanica
Panteon Rococo - La ciudad de la esperanza
Peter Pan Speedrock - Damn you all to hell
Erase Errata - Wasteland
Quicksand - Omission
Gorilla Biscuits - New direction
NoFx - Iron man (Black Sabbath Cover)
Vandals - Come out fighting (Pennywise Cover)
Handsome Hank & His Lonesome Boys - Black hole sun (Soundgarden Cover)
Terrorvision - Fist of fury
Wisdom In Chains - Early grave
Skin of Tears - Wild world
Regen und Mild - Wir müssen alle viel länger schlafen

Playlist für Montag den 02. Juli 2007

Brand New - Sowing season
Mac Blagick - Good morning little schoolgirl
Alexisonfire - Drunks, lovers, sinners and saints
Alexisonfire - We are the sound
El Gordo - The last show
The Long Blondes - Lust in the movies
Dexter Jones Circus Orchestra - We don't care
Strung Out - Downtown
Les Caméléons - Mr. Oscar
The Datsuns - Stuck here for days
The Datsuns - Emperor's new clothes
Asteroids - Silver Leaf

Playlist für Montag den 18. Juni 2007

Arcade Fire - Keep the car running
Editors - Fingers in the factory
Frank Black - I burn today
Kings Of Leon - Pistol of fire
Kings Of Leon - Four kicks
Sugarplum Fairy - Stay young
The Rakes - Open box
Ohrbooten - Bewegung
Ichabod Crane - Kid Cocotte
Slavior - Origin
The Babylon Underground - Born on the third of december
Holy Racket - Armed to the teeth
Desert Sun - Fortified
Satellite Party - Wish upon a dog star

Playlist für Montag den 04. Juni 2007

Disturbers - You make me sick
Kill Kim Novak - Girl I feel
Devil Driver - Not all who wander are lost
Strom & Wasser - Hartschalenkostüme
Strom & Wasser - Gut gut
Ichabod Crane - Intimacy
The Blood Brothers - Set fire to the face on fire
Modest Mouse - Fly trapped in a jar
Pearl Jam - Life wasted
Juliette & The Licks - Smash and grab
Juliette & The Licks - Hot kiss
Tokio Police Club - Cheer it on
Queens Of The Stone Age - Song for the deaf (live)

Playlist für Montag den 21. Mai 2007

Killswitch Engage - The arms of sorrow
Stone Sour - Made of scars
Inborn - Your Punk is dead
Dream Theater - Constant motion
Devin Townsend - Planet crasher
The Bottrops - Hochhausgirl
Felix Culpa - Zart & Hammerhart
Abwärts - Caprifishin'
Rocket Uppercut - Rock'n'Roll science
Krasty - Voice as a weapon
The Dead Notes - I wanna rock
The Dead Notes - Psycho

Playlist für Montag den 06. Mai 2007

Everblame - Next
Big Mama - Combien de temps encore (acoustic version)
Ma Valise - Brutos
Ma Valise - Dus Intors
The Bandgeek Mafia - With me tonight
The Shanes - I'm so happy and I don't know why (live)
Mad Caddies - State of mind
Fuzzy Index - First time, last time
Rentokill - Discontent industry
Beatsteaks - Sharp, cool and collected
Beatsteaks - Demons galore
Beatsteaks - e-g-o
Absolute - The ultimate show
Caliban - I will never let you down

Playlist für Montag den 16. April 2007

Small State - So sick
The Creetins - I need a nurse
Sick Of It All - Take the night off
Extinct - Born to loose
Decrew - Chalk people
Decrew - Clean me
Megadeath - À tout le monde
Megadeath - Sleepwalker
Terry Lee Hale - Cable ballad blues
Dolores O'Riordan - Ordinary day
The Rain - Big lies
Daryl Stuermer - Heavy heart

Playlist für Montag den 02. April 2007

Porcupine Tree - Fear of a blank planet
Freez'n - Bottle
Big Mama - Hawaii 5.0
Big Mama - Mr. Durand
Big Mama - Combien de temps encore
Mark Eitzel - Roll away my stone
Grand Island - Love is a dog from hell
Grand Island - ... and then I still said yes to sin
Jackie Leven - I've been everywhere
Reid Paley - Yr polish uncle
Reid Paley - Take what you want
Jackie Leven - One man one guitar

Playlist für Montag den 19. März 2007

Georg Kreisler - Tauben vergiften
Ween - Piss up a rope
Sanctity - Beneath the machine
Trivium - The rising
Linda Perry - Knock me out
Shadows Fall - Redemption
Machine Head - Now I lay thee down
Mutabor - Lump
Peter Pan Speedrock - Lucky bastards
Lacuna - Valvoline
Machine Head - Aesthetics of hate

Playlist für Montag den 05. März 2007

Moistboyz - That's what Rock'n'Roll can do
Reid Paley - Take it away
Reid Paley - This fucking town
Reid Paley - What you deserve
Black Stone Cherry - Maybe someday
Mardi Grass.BB - Now that we are gone
Mardi Grass.BB - Life is lonley
Volxtanz - Manimanito
Tokyo Police Club - If it works
Jamie T. - If you got the money
My Enemies.12.Mistakes - The torment to find
My Enemies.12.Mistakes - Betty, don't drink and drive
Archive - System

Playlist für Montag den 19. Februar 2007

Jesus On Extasy - Assasinate me
Q-Box - Lust
28 Costumes - Blame
Le Maximum Kouette - Karen
Aluminium Babe - Psycho Killer
Tenacious D - Kickapoo
Tenacious D - POD
Le Chat Noir - The Scarlet Mistress
Le Chat Noir - Fallen Angel
Le Chat Noir - Is ignorance a sin?
Fischessen - Trash on monday, trash on tuesday, trash the rest of the week
Clutch - Big News I

Playlist für Montag den 05. Februar 2007

Within Temptation feat. Keith Caputo - What hav you done (Rock Mix)
In Synovia - Rip the mask
DAATH - Subterfuge
Pain of Salvation - Cribcaged
Unable - Nothin between
Para Heads - Everybody has to care for me
Atomic - Monkey fingers
Seasick Steve - My Donny
Seasick Steve - Last po' man
Santo Barrio - La favorita
Les Caméléons - Welcome
In Synovia - Palace conspiracy

Playlist für Montag den 15. Januar 2007

Goddess Shiva - Mind of a killer
Redhanded - Scapegoat
Redhanded - Knowhere
Belasco - On a wire
Deadline - Hey you!
10 Rue d'la Madeleine - La classe americaine
10 Rue d'la Madeleine - Le sous sol
10 Rue d'la Madeleine - Vive la commune
Eskorzo - Ruido
Ostkreutz - Motor
The Chelsea Smiles - You can't give me anything
Sophia - Oh my love
LoveX - Guardian angel