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Montag, 12. Dezember 2022 von 16:00 - 17:00 Uhr und von 22:00 Uhr - 23:00 Uhr
Alle 14 Tage Montag auf UKW 92.5 (Großraum Bremen und dem Bremer Umland) UKW 90,7 (Bremerhaven und Nordenham), UKW 101.85 im Kabelnetz Bremen, über DAB+ und weltweit als Internet - Stream

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Playlist für Montag den 17. Dezember 2007

Muse - Sunburn
Jane's Addiction - The price I pay
Muse - Muscle museum
Stephan Smith feat. Pete Seeger, Dean Ween and Mary Harris - The bell
Stephan Smith - In the air
Muse - Hysteria
Ween - Silent night
Trashmonkeys - Take it or leave it
Muse - The small print
Brant Björk - The messengers
The Great Crusades - Hand Grenade Head
Muse - New born

Playlist für Montag den 03. Dezember 2007

Les Chaméléons - Welcome
Guitarshop Asshole - Rock'n'Roll asshole
Hellbent On Rocking - Rock solid
Not Available - Cerveza
Los Fastidios - Un calcio ad un pallone
Pascow - Lauf Forrest Lauf
Random Hero - Bonechillers and stonecrashers
Freezeebee - The rest
Apron - World at war
Crekko - Gasoline
The Strivers - Female contact
Pencilcase - Your mouth
Les Caméléons - La berlue
Drugstop - Free of sin
Peter Pan Speedrock - Evil sweet thing

Playlist für Montag den 19. November 2007

Ween - Fiesta
Ween - Blue ballon
Ween - Learnin' to love
Ween - My own bare hands
Ween - The fruit man
Ween - Shamemaker
Ween - Woman and man
Ween - Your party
Ween - Cover it with gas and set it on fire
Ween - Don't get to close (2 my fantasy)
Ween - Voodoo Lady
Ween - Don't shit where you eat

Playlist für Montag den 05. November 2007

Atreyu - Doomsday
Minipli - Fuego!
Nom De Guerre - Slack vs. Lame
The Special Guests feat. Willie Ocean - Drop in the ocean
Dobranotch - Jumas
Still Remains - Dancing with the enemy
Spiteful - Incomplete (Backstreet Boys Cover)
Che Sudaka - Que natural
Neil Hickethier - Ich schmeiss sie alle raus
Cycle Sluts From Hell - I wish you where a beer
Truckfighters - Desert cruiser
Graveyard - Satan's finest

Playlist für Montag den 15. Oktober 2007

Passarounders - Duck Reality
Passarounders - Dancing Queen
Passarounders - Texas Scumfiest Massacre
Passarounders - Canonball C.O.C.K
Passarounders - Batman
Passarounders - Revolution
Passarounders - Revenge Of The Zulu's
Passarounders - Don Dons Bodega
Passarounders - I Did It With The Devil
Passarounders - Ulfer 8399-2
Passarounders - Chibba 420
Passarounders - The Butt Of Bremen
Passarounders - The House Of Burlesque
Passarounders - Hidden Track *g*
Needle And The Pain Reaction - Unicorn
Machine Head - Halo (live)

Playlist für Montag den 01. Oktober 2007

Mark Gillespie - Crazy (Seal Cover)
Foo Fightes - Best of you (live)
Foo Fighters - The pretender
Meadow Saffron - History of dreams
Mullholland Drive - The new heights of levitation
Mojo Jazz Mob - Post ideological Sehnsucht
Medley Jukebox - You put the cancer in our mouth
Big John Bates - 44 love bites
Big John Bates - Burle Sque is dead
Tori Amos - Big wheel
Tori Amos - Teenage hustling
Passarounders - The house of Burlesque

Playlist für Montag den 17. September 2007

Citizen Fish - Can't complain
White Stripes - Seven Nation Army
The Kills - Fried my little brains
Atomic Bitchwax - Hope you die
Turbonegro - Hell toupee
Turbonoegro - Everybody loves a chubby dude
Mark Gillespie - Supersonic
Mark Gillespie - Mommy
Son De Nadie - Quiero Caminar
Mudhoney - Revolution
Merauder - Life is pain
Black Sabbath - The writ

Playlist für Montag den 03. September 2007

Nonstop Stereo - Prosit
Danbert Nobacon And The Pine Valley Cosmonauts - Rock'n'Roll holy wars
The Kleins - Fist of god
Cloudberry - Not my Idea
Planet Faith - So weit
Jackson Analogue - Stop
The Dynamics - 7 Nation Army (White Stripes Cover)
Boris Gott - Engel
Boris Gott - RTL & Rohypnol
Absolute - Sebastian (Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel Cover)
Gluecifer - Take it
Lamb Of God - 11th hour
Beatallica - Hey Dude

Playlist für Montag den 20. August 2007

Atreyu - Becomming the bull
Killswitch Engaged - Holy Diver (Dio Cover)
Trashmonkeys - Gone Daddy Gone (Violent Femmes Cover)
Mermaid Union - Prince of the rodeo (Turbonegro Cover)
Erdmöbel - Aus meinem Kopf (Kylie Minogue Cover)
Muff Potter - Jumping someone else's train
Muff Potter - Punkt 9
Zuhause - So viel näher
Stun - Into the new
Pale - Goodbye trouble
Wild Black Jets & Alvin Stardust- Boppin' on saturday
Urban Noise Discount - (I don't wanna) get my things done
Sista Gracy - Lonesome girl
El Vez - Cesar Chavez
Ween - Light me up

Playlist für Montag den 06. August 2007

Morgan Finlay - Sound of Industry
Jenson - Allein
Citizen Fever - Tinderbox
Korn - Coming undone
Divine Heresy - Bleed the fifth
Pantera - Cowboys from hell
Overkill - Rotten to the core
Jane's Addiction - Been caught stealing
Bela B. - Gitarre runter
Genepool - About to say Hello
Scatterbrain - Don't call me dude
Cheeseslider - Hallelujah Baby

Playlist für Montag den 16. Juli 2007

Abuela Coca - Mambru
Los Calzones - Satanica
Panteon Rococo - La ciudad de la esperanza
Peter Pan Speedrock - Damn you all to hell
Erase Errata - Wasteland
Quicksand - Omission
Gorilla Biscuits - New direction
NoFx - Iron man (Black Sabbath Cover)
Vandals - Come out fighting (Pennywise Cover)
Handsome Hank & His Lonesome Boys - Black hole sun (Soundgarden Cover)
Terrorvision - Fist of fury
Wisdom In Chains - Early grave
Skin of Tears - Wild world
Regen und Mild - Wir müssen alle viel länger schlafen

Playlist für Montag den 02. Juli 2007

Brand New - Sowing season
Mac Blagick - Good morning little schoolgirl
Alexisonfire - Drunks, lovers, sinners and saints
Alexisonfire - We are the sound
El Gordo - The last show
The Long Blondes - Lust in the movies
Dexter Jones Circus Orchestra - We don't care
Strung Out - Downtown
Les Caméléons - Mr. Oscar
The Datsuns - Stuck here for days
The Datsuns - Emperor's new clothes
Asteroids - Silver Leaf

Playlist für Montag den 18. Juni 2007

Arcade Fire - Keep the car running
Editors - Fingers in the factory
Frank Black - I burn today
Kings Of Leon - Pistol of fire
Kings Of Leon - Four kicks
Sugarplum Fairy - Stay young
The Rakes - Open box
Ohrbooten - Bewegung
Ichabod Crane - Kid Cocotte
Slavior - Origin
The Babylon Underground - Born on the third of december
Holy Racket - Armed to the teeth
Desert Sun - Fortified
Satellite Party - Wish upon a dog star

Playlist für Montag den 04. Juni 2007

Disturbers - You make me sick
Kill Kim Novak - Girl I feel
Devil Driver - Not all who wander are lost
Strom & Wasser - Hartschalenkostüme
Strom & Wasser - Gut gut
Ichabod Crane - Intimacy
The Blood Brothers - Set fire to the face on fire
Modest Mouse - Fly trapped in a jar
Pearl Jam - Life wasted
Juliette & The Licks - Smash and grab
Juliette & The Licks - Hot kiss
Tokio Police Club - Cheer it on
Queens Of The Stone Age - Song for the deaf (live)

Playlist für Montag den 21. Mai 2007

Killswitch Engage - The arms of sorrow
Stone Sour - Made of scars
Inborn - Your Punk is dead
Dream Theater - Constant motion
Devin Townsend - Planet crasher
The Bottrops - Hochhausgirl
Felix Culpa - Zart & Hammerhart
Abwärts - Caprifishin'
Rocket Uppercut - Rock'n'Roll science
Krasty - Voice as a weapon
The Dead Notes - I wanna rock
The Dead Notes - Psycho

Playlist für Montag den 06. Mai 2007

Everblame - Next
Big Mama - Combien de temps encore (acoustic version)
Ma Valise - Brutos
Ma Valise - Dus Intors
The Bandgeek Mafia - With me tonight
The Shanes - I'm so happy and I don't know why (live)
Mad Caddies - State of mind
Fuzzy Index - First time, last time
Rentokill - Discontent industry
Beatsteaks - Sharp, cool and collected
Beatsteaks - Demons galore
Beatsteaks - e-g-o
Absolute - The ultimate show
Caliban - I will never let you down

Playlist für Montag den 16. April 2007

Small State - So sick
The Creetins - I need a nurse
Sick Of It All - Take the night off
Extinct - Born to loose
Decrew - Chalk people
Decrew - Clean me
Megadeath - À tout le monde
Megadeath - Sleepwalker
Terry Lee Hale - Cable ballad blues
Dolores O'Riordan - Ordinary day
The Rain - Big lies
Daryl Stuermer - Heavy heart

Playlist für Montag den 02. April 2007

Porcupine Tree - Fear of a blank planet
Freez'n - Bottle
Big Mama - Hawaii 5.0
Big Mama - Mr. Durand
Big Mama - Combien de temps encore
Mark Eitzel - Roll away my stone
Grand Island - Love is a dog from hell
Grand Island - ... and then I still said yes to sin
Jackie Leven - I've been everywhere
Reid Paley - Yr polish uncle
Reid Paley - Take what you want
Jackie Leven - One man one guitar

Playlist für Montag den 19. März 2007

Georg Kreisler - Tauben vergiften
Ween - Piss up a rope
Sanctity - Beneath the machine
Trivium - The rising
Linda Perry - Knock me out
Shadows Fall - Redemption
Machine Head - Now I lay thee down
Mutabor - Lump
Peter Pan Speedrock - Lucky bastards
Lacuna - Valvoline
Machine Head - Aesthetics of hate

Playlist für Montag den 05. März 2007

Moistboyz - That's what Rock'n'Roll can do
Reid Paley - Take it away
Reid Paley - This fucking town
Reid Paley - What you deserve
Black Stone Cherry - Maybe someday
Mardi Grass.BB - Now that we are gone
Mardi Grass.BB - Life is lonley
Volxtanz - Manimanito
Tokyo Police Club - If it works
Jamie T. - If you got the money
My Enemies.12.Mistakes - The torment to find
My Enemies.12.Mistakes - Betty, don't drink and drive
Archive - System

Playlist für Montag den 19. Februar 2007

Jesus On Extasy - Assasinate me
Q-Box - Lust
28 Costumes - Blame
Le Maximum Kouette - Karen
Aluminium Babe - Psycho Killer
Tenacious D - Kickapoo
Tenacious D - POD
Le Chat Noir - The Scarlet Mistress
Le Chat Noir - Fallen Angel
Le Chat Noir - Is ignorance a sin?
Fischessen - Trash on monday, trash on tuesday, trash the rest of the week
Clutch - Big News I

Playlist für Montag den 05. Februar 2007

Within Temptation feat. Keith Caputo - What hav you done (Rock Mix)
In Synovia - Rip the mask
DAATH - Subterfuge
Pain of Salvation - Cribcaged
Unable - Nothin between
Para Heads - Everybody has to care for me
Atomic - Monkey fingers
Seasick Steve - My Donny
Seasick Steve - Last po' man
Santo Barrio - La favorita
Les Caméléons - Welcome
In Synovia - Palace conspiracy

Playlist für Montag den 15. Januar 2007

Goddess Shiva - Mind of a killer
Redhanded - Scapegoat
Redhanded - Knowhere
Belasco - On a wire
Deadline - Hey you!
10 Rue d'la Madeleine - La classe americaine
10 Rue d'la Madeleine - Le sous sol
10 Rue d'la Madeleine - Vive la commune
Eskorzo - Ruido
Ostkreutz - Motor
The Chelsea Smiles - You can't give me anything
Sophia - Oh my love
LoveX - Guardian angel