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Jeden 1. und 3. Montag auf UKW 92.5 (im Gro├čraum Bremen, Bremerhaven, Nordenham, Verden und Oldenburg), UKW 101.85 im Kabelnetz Bremen, über DAB+ und weltweit als Internet - Stream

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Playlist für Montag den 19. Dezember 2016 - Fuck X-Mas Special


Kenneth Littleton Jones - Santa Claus is Freaking Me Out
Rhythm Pigs - Sleigh Ride
The Legendary Tigerman - Fuck Christmas, I Got The Blues
The Vanishers feat. Ginger St. James - Christmas Wish At The End Of The Bar
TV Smith - Xmas Bloody Xmas
Bunch Of Believers - So Many Santas
Burning Heads - Xmas Day
Erin McKeown - Christmas love It Or Leave It
Straight No Chaser - The Christmas Can Can
Savage Henry and the Infamous One Pounders - Let's Get Pissed Again! (Like we did last Xmas)
The Wonder Beers - Let's Get Pissed At Christmas
Skinny Lister & Beans on Toast - Christmas Wish At The End Of The Bar
Psychostick - N.O.E.L.
Battalion Of Saints - Jingle Bells
Anti Nowhere League - Let it snow
Sool - Spicing the Christmas Cake

Playlist für Montag den 05. Dezember 2016


Stumbling Pins - Save Somebody Else
Skin Of Tears - Keep The Dream Alive
Trashers - Why You Laugh
The Trash Templars - Want To Be Like You
Mundane - Respect
Tongue - It Sleeps In The Pit
Imperium Dekadenz - Vae Victis
Sworn Liars - Ratboy
Cellophane Suckers - Other Side Jive
Degenerate Idol - Geben & Nehmen
The Brascos - Into The Flow
Demolition Bastards - Dead Drunk
The Shanty Killers - Never Sell My Soul
Holly Would Surrender - My Own Decision

Playlist für Montag den 21. November 2016


Jenny Don't & The Spurs - The Fire
Defy Your Dreams - Symphonies of the Unknown
The Chainsaw Demons - Feast on the Blood of the Lifeless
Torturebitch - Bitchhammer
Forsaken Tomb - Werewolf Nights
The Empire/s Blacklist - What Matters Most (Is How Well You Walk Through The Fire)
Ferroconcrete - Suckerpunch
Illusion - In Human
Entombed A.D. - Down To Mars To Ride
Judas Hengst - Snails At Pyramid Garden
Brian Fallon - Smoke
Expand - Change Plan
Fat & Angry - Tales From The Pit
Sewer Brigade - True to myself

Playlist für Montag den 07. November 2016


Helliön - Skatharrsis
Skulled - Snail Race
Blood Agent - Final Assault
Nazghor - Empire of graves
Blind Bullets - Back & Blue
Rohbau - Klabautermann
East Cameron Folkcore - TCB
Hirnsäule - Liquor Store
Kein Hass da - Knastplanet (Banned In DC)
Testos'te'Roll - Salvation
GBH - Sick Boy
Vader - Triumph Of Death
The Peacocks - All I've Got Is What You See

Playlist für Montag den 17. Oktober 2016


Fabian Maddison - Sugar Hill
Slack Bird - Learning To Wade
The Orions - Mermaids Gone Wild
Dead Boys - Sonic Reducer
Smile And Burn - Action Action
I Will Discover - Still Believe
Lofft - Follow To Survive
Coogans Bluff - N. R. I. H. C.
Eta Lux - People of the labyrinth
Cherries On A Blacklist - Glorious Days
Regret - Disturbing The Peace
Perception of Verity - Beguiler
Tim Vantol - If We Go Down, We Will Go Together
Dystopolis - Metro

Playlist für Montag den 03. Oktober 2016


1000Mods - Loose
Monkey3 - Arch
White Miles - A(n) Garde
Mental Arrest - Isle In Exile
Heretic Warfare - Holy Creed
Blood Agent - Faces of Death
Rezet - Too Smart to Live
Kadavar - Lord Of The Sky
Nerd School - Soulwax

Playlist für Montag den 19. September 2016


Eraserhead - On Death Row
Controversial - Exonerate
Friday Flashback - Home Again
Loui Vetton - No Good Deed
Sarkast - Umnachtung im Abendland
Jinx - Wrong Way
Nitrogods - Damn Right (They Call It Rock'n Roll)
Demolition Bastards - Bastards for Life
Drongos for Europe - Whatever It Takes
Clockwork Psycho - I Don't Give A Fuck
Clear Sky Nailstorm - Good Night To Fight
Antipeewee - Death Patrol
Krieg Destino - Kriegman vs. Bat Destino
Die Postpunk - Bezahlte Freunde

Playlist für Montag den 05. September 2016


Flatbilly DeVille - Worn out Alibis
Long Line Down - A Hero Returns
Hollowbelly - Rolling Stone
Mack Drietens - I am on fire
Reverend Beat-Man - Letter To Myself
Cherry Bomb - Where We Started From
Engrained - Music of the Night
The Movement - Fools Like You
Abstürzende Brieftauben - Pause
Me + Marie - You don┤t know
Giesbert & der Hase - Kiss my Ass
Goodyeah Collective - Ain't no High Flyer
Bernd Wand - Seeräuberlied
Nuking Moose - Hate

Playlist für Montag den 15. August 2016


CJ Ramone - Understand Me
The Pokes - Mayday
Degenerate Idol - Transsexual Nun
Punkrockhengste - Freiheit des Seins
Krieg Destino - War
Smokebox - Daddy Knows Best
Vertikal - In die Fresse aber nett
Basement Apes - Gas Station Boy
Empire Me - Tear it down
Liedfett - Billiger Wein
Wohnraumhelden Liga - Wellen in den Pudding
Caldera - Vier Gin
Boys from Heaven - Echo of the Past
Grillmaster Flash - Ganz vorn in der Achterbahn
Anchors & Hearts - Victims of Progress (Raise Your Flag)
Aeon Of Disease - Global suicide

Playlist für Montag den 01. August 2016


Buster Shuffle - Soho
The Baboon Show - Choose To Ignore
Jello Biafra and The Guantanamo School Of Medicine - John Dillinger
Dritte Wahl - F.D.S.
The Casualties - Brothers And Sisters
Turbonegro - Prince Of The Rodeo
Descendents - Feel This
Pipes And Pints - Never Let You Down
Talco - Malandia
NOFX - Six Years On Dope
Clutch - Sucker For The Witch
Alex Mofa Gang - Nimm die Beine in die Hand
Pure Tonic - Raise Ya Glass
Mandowar - Hellboys From Cow
Torfrock - Feste
Rust - Skins and Punks

Playlist für Montag den 18. Juli 2016


Mudhoney - Here comes sickness
Blues Pills - Ain't No Change
The Pokes - God Save The Pokes
Definition of Madmen - Love
Doctor Krapula - Olvidamos
Tequila And The Sunrise Gang - My Dear My Darling
Bone Man - Never Been To The Desert
Testos'Te'roll - Desert
Monkey Fist - Shapes
The Nerds - Buried in Jack
Eat The Gun - Howlinwood
Holy Moses - Life's Destroyer
Sacred Reich - Who's To Blame

Playlist für Montag den 04. Juli 2016


Stahlschwester - Maulheld
D.O.A. - Human Bomb
Lionheart - Love Don't Live Here
Warrant - The Rack
Radio Havanna - Kaputt
Paddy And The Rats - Drunker Than You
Stepfather Fred - Libertine
Vladi Wostok - Na Sude
Joon Wolfsberg Band - Lonely Ranger
Mad Monks - Hello Hello
Hack Mack - Backenfutter
Espa˝a Circo Este - 0101
Lucifer Star Machine - Eat Dust
The Restarts - Turned It All To Shit
The Minestompers - Surfride To Hell

Playlist für Montag den 20. Juni 2016


Lifelong Hangover - Leaps of Faith
Bob Log III - Don't Want to but I Think I Just Did
Mental Arrest - Another Lie
Bernd Wand - Schwarz oder Weiss
Postford - Kaltland
Coffee - Human Nature
Giesbert & der Hase - Vete al Diablo
Braindead - Man Enough
The Autonomads - Conditions Of The Working Class
Fragmentshader - Mississippi
Not My Art - Last Call
Schrott - Clowns-howed
DUCS - Time To Let It Go

Playlist für Montag den 06. Juni 2016


The Brew - Repeat
Wucan - Father Storm
Vintage Trouble - Run Like The River
Eat What You Kill - We Won't Give Up
To The Marrow - Affomet
Gloomball - Monster
Motorjesus - The Warning
Drunken Dolly - Humongous Tattood Arms
Insanity Alert - Shit For Brains
The Prosecution - Liars
Rogers - Zahnrad
Drei Meter Feldweg - Sommer Sonne Bier
95-C - A New Lease On Life
Oferta Especial - Polvos de talko

Playlist für Montag den 16. Mai 2016


A Pony Named Olga - Same Sox
Pure Tonic - Born Too Late
Montreal - Tag zur Nacht
Reactory - Kingdom Of Sin
The Hayleys - Herska Toimii
Blind Bullets - Storm Ahead
Die Aeronauten - Ottos kleine Hardcore Band
AmmuNation - Always & Forever
The Brascos - Next Century
Miozän - Ignorance
dragSTER - Liar Like That
The Moth - Battle is Over
Provinztheater - Freihandelszone
Vladimir Harkonnen - Deaf To Your Rant
Dubioza Kolektiv - Free.mp3 (The Pirate Bay Song)

Playlist für Montag den 02. Mai 2016


Eta Lux - Lesbian Seagull
Trouble - Another Day
Crowbar - Walk With Knowledge Wisely
Blue Sky Theory - Cassandra
Dystopolis - Lords Of Sand
The Razor Smilez - Dead Wrong
Jaya The Cat - Peace And Love
Kamikaze Queens - Good Times
The Delta Bombers - Lock The Door
The Baboon Show - I Will Go On
Brennholzverleih - Supermarktpolka
Hansonics - Feiern

Playlist für Montag den 18. April 2016


Bomba Atˇmica - If I Already Know
The Blues Against Youth - Medium Size Star Bound
Xixa - Bloodline
Könige Im Exil - Motor für Alles
Chevy Devils - Rock'n'Roll Detective
Metalian - Metal Fire and Ice
Skulled - R.A.W.
Clear Sky Nailstorm - God Is A Sadist
Vladi Wostok - The Story of Mula Odessit (Mula)
Killbite - Won't Break Me
The Fiend - Dig Your Own Grave
Yawners - Too Late (Bullet In Your Chest)
Mad Monks - We Are The Monks
Compulsive Gambling - Better than yours

Playlist für Montag den 04. April 2016


Todd Day Wait - Traveling Blues
Lutopia Orchestra - Pink Pony
Blisterhead - Degenerated
Carapax - Blood Salvation
Graveyard Ghoul - Who Goes There
Irate Architect - Spitting Image
Drowned - Destroyed Voices
Desaster - Damnatio Ad Bestias
Fondükotze - Dead End City
Nervous Assistant - Last Night
Generation N - Injection of madness
Drawing Circles - Little Lies
North Alone - Old Dog Barking
Lassen - Wir sind dafür
Urban Noise Discount - Photograph

Playlist für Montag den 21. März 2016


Indoctrinate - Set Fire To Kingdoms
Breit - Toto
The Gentle Art Of Chokin' - Nur die Kiste spendet Licht
Goats Rising - Perfect Murderer
Rest In Beef - The Attic
Vulva - Sucker
Bash - Black Hole
Judas Hengst - Way Of Control
Cherries On A Blacklist - Barrel Of A Gun
Poison Idea - Bog
Hypertonus - Fake Tale Of Modern Hysteria
Hysterese - Zero

Playlist für Montag den 07. März 2016

> stream <

DeWolff - Sugar Moon
The Dad Horse Experience - Will I Be Someone
Rezet - Dead City
Blood Agent - First Strike
Gut Absorber - Age Of Kill
Modern Saints - The Rest Will Follow
Finder - Wer nicht tanzt
DefektDefekt - Machine
Joe McMahon - Monster Among Us
Monolith - Moonshine Medication
Vladi Wostok - Perzik
Hopelezz - From Deep Inside
Orden Ogan - The Lake

Playlist für Montag den 15. Februar 2016

> stream <

From The Void - Tearing My Life
Rohbau - Grau in Grau
Ghost - From The Pinnacle To The Pit
Project Thunderbolt - Breaking Free
Enlaced By Tempest - Far Beyond Horizon
Monkey Fist - Jetstream
Tausend L÷wen Unter Feinden - Nebel
Rykers - The Outcast's Voice
Madball - Hardcore Lives
Killbite - Discrimi-Nation
Vladimir Harkonnen - Ticking Bomb Scenario
Black Sachbak - Fuck Your Law
Gloomster - Hart mit Hirn

Playlist für Montag den 01. Februar 2016

> stream <

Götz Widmann - Autsch
The Emily Brothers - Broken Cigarettes
Che Sudaka - De Corazon
Helliön - Fork U!
Degenerate Idol - König Punk Rock
The Vibrators - The Ohio
Goodyeah Collective - Armchairman
Lost Soul - Deadmen in the water
Tides Denied - Enough
Slope - Helix
Intense - Erase the Past
Almost Equal - GNWP
Coex - Disappear
Betastone - Slomotion Speed
Bash - Perverter Of Facts
Spidergawd - No man's land

Playlist für Montag den 18. Januar 2016

> stream <

Ohrenfeindt - Zeit für Rock'n'Roll
Nuking Moose - Ashes After Me
The World Never Ends - The Truth Inside
UK Subs - Cry Wolf
TV Smith - First One To Sign Up
The Last Horizon - Campaign Of Revenge
Nuisance of Majority - Whatever
Artemis Rising - Mislead
The Haystack Hi Tones - Rockin Hall
Twisted Rod - Down the line
Abrupt - Who cares
Chorea Huntington - Sick Of Your Fairytales
Hard Action - Deadweight (Cut Me Loose)
The Bitch Crackers - Barfly

Playlist für Montag den 04. Januar 2016

> stream <

Frank Turner - Glorious You
Steakknife - Wired Ego
Sleep Routine - Cosy Denial
Seek Nothing - Death Of The Past
Motörhead - Victory Or Die
Slayer - Vices
Iron Maiden - When the River Runs Deep
Clutch - X-Ray Visions
Pro-Pain - Fuck This Life
W.A.S.P. - Scream
Billy Gibbons - Got Love If You Want It
Foals - Mountain At My Gates
Muse - The Handler
Imagine Dragons - Gold